Who is FoodDealer?

Hey Everyone. My name is Jas! I’m 28 and guess what, I LOVE FOOD! Yes all things food. I started out at 24 under the name ‘Caribbean To Soul’. My soul focus was Caribbean(Mostly Jamaican) and Soul food. But after moving to North Carolina I realized that I definitely wanted to move out of the niche and be able to produce all kinds of food and share that love of food with everyone. So I Birthed FoodDealer and went on to provide Personal Chef Services and Catering all over NC for the past 2 years. My Cooking style most definitely still reflects a lot of Caribbean and Soul food influences but with creative and sometimes upscale kicks through out.

How did I learn? My mom is one of the best cooks I know. Not only was her cooking an influence but I grew up watching every cooking show you can think of. I mean all of them! Lol. This was bound to be the outcome. So as I got older I built around everything I had soaked up and combined it with reading and practice.

I want everyone to be able to utilize great recipes and have tips to get the biggest and best flavors out of everything you have. So many young women who doing have anyone to really teach them. they need to know all it takes is a little work and a try or two, but as I always say..

“Just sprinkle until the ancestors say that’s enough my child.”


Id love to have you on this Journey!

As a few of my Favorite Chefs say..

“Chef doesn’t mean your the best cook it just means Boss.”

Tom Colicchio

“I tell people all the time you have to be in love with that pot!”

Leah Chase

“No one is born a great cook, One learns by doing.”

Julia Childs

Let’s build something together.

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