Stuffed Fried Catfish

This recipe was requested by one of my facebook friends. I love request! Lol. Viewer input is always appreciated. So lets start off by saying you can stuff it with what you want. I started to do jambalaya stuffed but decided Id do it as an extension next time. This time im gonna keep it simple and do shrimp stuffed. And if you already know how to make jambalaya and you’d rather that just swap it.

Deep Fried Stuffed Catfish


  • 1 lb Catfish Fillets
  • l lb Shrimp
  • 1 1/2 lb cream cheese
  • Chopped Green onion
  • Gourmet Garden Garlic paste
  • House Autry Seafood Breading
  • Old bay
  • Corn oil of course

Takes ,

serves 4 or if your greedy 1.


  1. Make sure all your seafood is thawed completely. You’ll want to drain and pat dry with a paper towel. I used small shrimp because the were already tailed and it was that much easier for me to not have to take the tails of lol, but since most catfish fillets aren’t huge I knew I could fit more shrimp in. but if you’d like larger shrimp go for it!
  2. Covers your shrimp in old bay. YES COVER THEM I mean it! Sautee them in a little butter add some of your garlic paste and set them to the side to cool a bit. When they aren’t steaming anymore mix in a lb and a half or plainly a pack and a half of cream cheese and you chopped green onion. Easy filling. like I said earlier this was a quick run through for me. Add Lump Crab, throw in some jambalaya, whatever makes your toes wiggle.
  3. Now that your filling is made lay out your catfish fillets. try to make them up in pairs by size you want them to “fit”. place your fillings as shown below then cover with another fillet and use some tooth pics to hold them together.
  4. So you’ve got it all together! So what I do now is start my breading. I don’t add seasoning because the house autry is seasoned and I like to sprinkle old bay on the crust when it comes out the fryer, but if you want to season the fillet do it! Now simply cover you fillets with the breading and pat it in make sure its on top and bottom and on the sides
  5. Your ready for the fryer! I used my little Presto Electric fryer. I’ll put a link at the end of this post so you can grab it if youd like. it works great and easy clean up and break down. Anyway heat your oil to 350, and lay your stuffed fillets in and drop em….
Golden and Delicious..wait isn’t that a type of apple? Whatever. Its catfish now. So after I take lemon or lime whichever you have available for a spritz. sprinkle old bay on the crust..and for me I put mine in between a kings hawain bun and ate it like a sandwich mmm it was sooo good!

As always share this recipe and follow for more taste bud strokin’ recipes, Thanks for Cooking With FoodDealer and Remember my measurements are my measurements Just sprinkle until the ancestors tell you that’s enough my child.

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