The Importance of the Roux!

Roux Progression

Roux Roux Roux. Don’t forget the Roux!!!! I cant tell you how many times I’ve seen watery and pale Gumbo pics. Makes my skin crawl. Lol. Though im not Creole I have a lot of close friends who are especial my girl Janvier the owner of ‘Creole 2 Geaux’ In Columbus,OH. So the I know the importance of the Roux. I compare it to the importance of the Burnt Sugar in my Jamaican Culture. Create deep and trademark flavors to the dishes they are apart of. So the Roux is in many dishes but most popular is the Gumbo. It requires simply oil and flour and a hovering eye and a nice stir every couple minutes. The darker the Roux the deeper the flavor.

My ending Roux

This gives the Gumbo the rich color and flavor that most people know and love. So if your going to make some gumbo yourself, make sure this is your first step! We’ll Post a video of the Roux and Gumbo DIY soon.

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Its Jas!! 28yr old mother of 2. Im a Foodie, a Cook, and now a BLOGGER lol. Come cook with me!!

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